Plumbing modules Containex:

These structures are containers of different sizes, inside of which there is a bathroom with all the necessary equipment. Such systems are very popular among construction companies, which are forced to deploy entire towns near construction sites in the shortest possible time. For the convenience of their workers, corporations choose Containex products. After all, all containers of the Austrian company are equipped with all modern furniture for bathrooms and toilets.


Also, such mobile blocks are particularly popular among organizations involved in organizing exhibitions, fairs and other city events. The beauty of these blocks lies in the fact that only free space is required to install them. At any time they can be dismantled and moved to another location. The Containex plumbing units are an absolutely autonomous and versatile design.


The standard filling of the container depends on its size. At the moment, LLC "Spetsgradstroy" offers its customers 5 different options for the length of the system: 2,989; 4,885; 6,055; 7,335; 9,120 meters. Naturally, at the request of the customer, the filling of the block can be changed, taking into account the specifics in each specific case.