Leasing of non-capital buildings with Astron
Spetsgradstroy offers to purchase a non-capital building for your business through a leasing program. This is an opportunity to get a turnkey facility without large initial investments — all costs are financed by a leasing company.
Advantages of leasing with the company Spetsgradstroy
  • Simple registration: we conclude a tripartite agreement with the participation of the customer, the supplier (Spetsgradstroy) and the leasing company;
  • No additional deposit is required;
  • The ability to attribute the leased item to both the customer's balance sheet and the lessor's balance sheet. In the second case, taxes and depreciation deductions are made by the leasing company;
  • Making lease payments only after the acceptance of the building — optional;
  • VAT on leasing payments is subject to offset in full;
  • Optimization of taxes by attributing lease payments to the cost price;
  • Tax savings due to the use of accelerated depreciation with a coefficient of up to 3;
  • The leasing company insures equipment at favorable rates, provides legal and financial expertise during the transaction;
Pros and cons of non-capital Astron buildings
  • No property tax;
  • Simplified procedure for the start of construction (in a month, the foundation will be installed) and the delivery of the object;
  • Shallow foundation laying - minor earthworks;