General contractor
Spetsgradstroy performs the functions of a general contractor for construction projects, taking over the management of all processes on the construction site.
We control every stage of the construction of the facility, individual types of work and the progress of their production, bearing responsibility for the successful achievement of results, their timeliness and quality.
The general contract from Spetsgradstroy is a profitable solution for the customer
  • We ensure effective interaction of teams and specialists working at the facility;
  • We assume all risks under the general contract and are responsible for the performance of work and their quality directly to the customer;
  • We save the customer from the need to understand the construction work and monitor the progress of the project;
What we can do
  • We organize all types of works on the construction of the facility in accordance with the approved project documentation. We carry out a full range of work on our own and with the participation of involved contracting companies;
  • We compile and monitor the implementation of the construction schedule;
  • We are developing an optimal plan for financing construction;
  • We coordinate the production of works by subcontractors;
  • We control compliance with the technology of work production;
  • We organize the supply of the construction site with the necessary materials, machinery and equipment;
  • We ensure compliance with safety regulations, compliance with environmental protection requirements and rational use of the facility's territory;
  • We organize the transfer of the object to the operating organization;
  • We hand over the construction object to the working