Office and household block containers Containex:

You can organize a comfortable and reliable room without capital costs for the foundation and preparation of the site using modular block containers from Containex, rented.


Thanks to the strong frame, thoughtful design and improved functionality of the modules, in just a couple of hours it is possible to erect a warm temporary medical center, a field office, a locker room, a checkpoint, a sanitary room (toilet, shower) in any desired place.


Standard office and household single or double household block containers are much lighter than reinforced concrete structures, they are easy to install/dismantle, can be used repeatedly for 25 years, as well as transported over any distance.


Rent Containex due to the versatility of structures, the presence of heat and sound insulation, the possibility of equipping with additional communications allows you to quickly and profitably solve any household problems, even in absolutely unsuitable conditions.