General design
Spetsgradstroy performs all sections of design for the construction of capital and non-capital buildings. We work with commercial, industrial and public buildings.
As part of the design, the company "Spetsgradstroy" provides the following types of services:
  • Development of a draft project;
  • Development of urban planning documentation;
  • Architectural and conceptual design;
  • Preparation of exposition materials, visualization, creation of 3D videos;
  • Territory planning projects (PPT);
  • Surveying projects (PM);
  • Urban planning plans;
  • Urban planning studies;
  • Transport schemes;
  • Projects for the establishment of red lines.
As part of the provision of design services, the company "Spetsgradstroy" performs the following types of work:
  • Development of project documentation of the "P" and "RD" stages:
  • Development of the master plan;
  • Architectural and construction solutions;
  • Constructive solutions;
  • Design of external engineering networks – heat supply, water supply, sanitation, gas supply, storm sewer, electricity, communication networks;
  • Design of engineering systems and complexes: VSU, KNS, OS, fire tanks;
  • Design of internal engineering systems;
  • Technological solutions;
  • Labor protection;
  • Development of a project for the organization of construction, a project for the production of works;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Engineering and technical measures of civil defense and emergency situations;
  • Fire safety measures;
  • Author's supervision of construction.
Additional information
Development of environmental documentation, development of environmental sections of project documentation, environmental expertise, ecology of EIA, OOS, SPZ, LRO, PDV, PDS;