About us
The company Spetsgradstroy was established in 2012. For more than 10 years we have been working in the field of industrial and civil construction, our specialization is the construction of commercial buildings made of metal structures.

Versatile qualifications and experience allow us to work in two directions — in the field of capital construction and the construction of non-capital buildings. This is the main difference of our approach — we offer the customer a choice and help to choose the solution that is optimal for his tasks and conditions.
We use the best modern materials and technologies in our projects. Our suppliers are the leaders of the Russian and European market Containex and Astron, with whom we have been cooperating for many years.
We have all the resources to work on the full cycle of construction — from design and installation to commissioning of the object into operation. We do not just build, but lead the project from start to finish, being responsible for quality at every stage.
Our team consists of high-class specialists with extensive professional experience.

  • Production and technical group of specialists who control and perform all types of construction and installation works;
  • The project group acting as the general designer;
Spetsgradstroy offers design and technical solutions that allow you to get a ready-to-use building for any business tasks in 1-2 months.
Having extensive practical experience and a team of professionals in the construction industry, Spetsgradstroy offers the services of a technical customer.
Spetsgradstroy offers to purchase a non-capital building for your business through a leasing program.
Spetsgradstroy performs the functions of a general contractor for construction projects, taking over the management of all processes on the construction site.
Spetsgradstroy is an official partner of Containex, a manufacturer of block modules with 40 years of experience and a reputation as a leader in the European market.
Spetsgradstroy performs a full range of engineering surveys for the construction and design of facilities for any purpose on the territory of Central Russia.
Spetsgradstroy is an expert in the field of construction of metal structures.
Spetsgradstroy performs all sections of design for the construction of capital and non-capital buildings. We work with commercial, industrial and public buildings.
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