Technical customer
Having extensive practical experience and a team of professionals in the construction industry, Spetsgradstroy offers the services of a technical customer.
To build a building is just two words. But they can be backed by 5 years of work of thousands of people. We conduct projects from the beginning to the commissioning of the facility.
We undertake the task of carrying out the entire complex of measures and administrative and managerial work that are necessary for a successful investment and construction process - until the commissioning of the finished building.

Becoming your representative, we will provide support at all stages of the project.

  • We provide consultations on investment and construction project management and feasibility study of investments;
  • At the pre—project stage - we draw up contracts, get a town-planning plan, coordinate technical specifications for connecting communications, order and control engineering surveys, receive certificates, acts and conclusions of supervisory authorities;
  • At the stage of development of project documentation — we form a package of permits, develop technical specifications for design, help to hold a competition for the selection of project participants, organize the development and approval of project documentation, provide legal support and obtain a construction permit;
  • During the construction of the facility, we control the work of the general contractor and contractors, check the correctness of the executive documentation and the rationality of spending finances, interact with regulatory organizations, get permission to put the facility into operation;
First steps
At the meeting, we will discuss the project in detail and determine the technical customer's services according to the points.
We will propose an effective management model for an investment and construction project (author's development).
We will help you prepare a feasibility study of investments - this is a difficult job that requires a thoughtful and thorough approach.

Obtaining a GPZU
To get a site plan, you need to collect such documents for obtaining a permit as:

  • A copy of the certificate of registration of rights to the land plot;
  • Extract from the cadastre;
  • A copy of the passport.
  • The certificate of registration of the right to a land plot must be in your hands, and an extract from the cadastre can be obtained via the Internet, by e-mail from the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography or, in short, ROSREESTR.

The validity period of the GPZU is not defined by the current legislation, and is a time-limited document or indefinite. This issue has not been resolved today, and remains, in fact, a loophole for some kind of fraud.
The town-planning plan of the land plot (GPZU) refers to one of the most important documents necessary for the organization of any construction.

It is impossible without GPZU:

  • Implement the project on the existing land plot;
  • Get a construction permit;
  • Prepare and coordinate project documents;
  • Get permission to put the facility into operation.

GPZU is an initial permit document being developed for a specific land allotment, defining the characteristics of a future construction object or its reconstruction

The composition of the GPZU:

According to Part Z of Article 44 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. the urban development plan includes the following information about the site:
  • Its borders, as well as the areas of third-party rights;
  • The minimum possible margins from its borders;
  • Information about objects already located on its territory;
  • Confirmation of permission to use it;
  • Requirements for the purpose, basic parameters, as well as the placement of the construction object within the site, etc.

Obtaining a construction permit:
A construction permit is a document confirming the compliance of the project documentation with the requirements of the urban development plan of the land plot. The construction permit is issued after the registration of the project documentation in the ISOGD. Also, the contract of the "Technical Customer" includes obtaining an order for the production of all types of work.
Development of project documentation

At this stage, the technical customer carries out:

  • preparation and approval of technical specifications for design;
  • organization of geological and geodetic surveys;
  • transfer of data to the General Designer for the execution of design work;
  • technical support of the project stage, control over the development of project documentation;
  • approval and examination of project documentation in accordance with the established procedure.

Selection of the general contractor and construction of the facility.
At the stage of selecting a general contractor, the functions of the technical customer are:

  • development of a package of tender documentation
  • initial selection of bidders, preparation of a comprehensive report on the results of the tender and evaluation of proposals
  • development and preparation of contract documentation

At the construction stage, the technical customer performs:

  • registration of a permit to perform construction and installation works
  • obtaining a permit for temporary connection to communications
  • development of a construction schedule and control of deadlines for the execution of works
  • technical supervision of the production of works, construction management
  • control of the implementation of author's supervision of construction
  • control of compliance with construction technologies, quality of work and regulatory requirements
  • organization of amendments to design and estimate documentation and their approval
  • preparation and collection of executive documentation
  • representation of the Customer's interests during inspections conducted by state supervision and construction control bodies, as well as departmental inspections and commissions

Commissioning of the facility and commissioning.
At the stage of delivery, the technical customer carries out:

  • development, together with the Customer and contractors, of a schedule for the delivery of the object
  • , delivery of completed works to the Customer
  • , organization of work of working and state acceptance commissions and commissioning
  • , conclusion of contracts with service organizations and suppliers (electricity, heat, gas, water, telephony, etc.)
  • instructing the operating personnel and transfer of the object to the operating organization
  • , transfer of a full package of documents to the operating organization
  • permission to put the facility into operation is the basis for state registration of the constructed facility.