Modular buildings Containex
Spetsgradstroy is an official partner of Containex, a manufacturer of block modules with 40 years of experience and a reputation as a leader in the European market. We supply and install, as well as provide turnkey modular buildings for rent — for any business tasks, according to customer requirements and with a quality guarantee.
Spetsgradstroy is an official partner of Containex, One of the main directions of our company is the sale and rental of modular buildings of Containex, a wide range of standard solutions allows us to satisfy almost any desires of our customers.
CONTAINEX is a recognized quality mark
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    Execution level
    Containex modular buildings are manufactured according to strict European standards and differ from analogues in the high quality of both the finished building and its elements.
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    Finished building in 1-2 months
    Delivery to the installation site, installation and installation take a minimum of time. Containex buildings do not require a foundation and can be installed directly on asphalt. Installation is carried out at any time of the year.
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    Universal solution
    It can be used in almost any field: offices, security posts and rooms for staff accommodation, hotels, kindergartens and schools, medical offices. If necessary, entire villages can be built on the basis of Containex modules.
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    Service life from 20 years
    The buildings are designed for at least 20 years of operation, withstand repeated assembly and disassembly and moving over any distance. Reliable structures and corrosion-resistant frame ensure resistance to any natural conditions.
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    Flexibility and customization
    The modular design allows you to create a room of any size and configuration — up to three floors, a ceiling height of up to 3 m, in various layout options. If necessary, it is easy to change the area and redevelop. The building can be equipped with equipment according to the customer's order.
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    Modern design and comfort
    Individual variants of external and internal design are possible — decorative finishing of the facade and premises, stairs and canopies, panoramic lighting. The office will have the necessary communications, thermal insulation materials will provide a comfortable microclimate.
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    Containex buildings are made of certified materials and have a high degree of fire safety. Suitable for the creation of industrial and office premises, as well as schools, kindergartens and other municipal institutions.
Types of buildings
The Containex information and technical booklet will answer many of your questions. In it you will find all the necessary information.
Examples of using Containex modular solutions:
6 simple steps of our work
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Manager's call
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Signing the contract
The signing of the contract is mandatory - it is a guarantee of successful and fruitful work.
After payment, we proceed to fulfill the terms of the contract (configuration, production (if necessary)).
Delivery and installation
Delivery of modules and installation is carried out only by qualified employees of LLC "Spetsgradstroy".
Delivery of the object
You are provided with a full package of closing documents.