Technical supervision
— surveys
Modern high-precision equipment, instruments, tools, software and technologies from leading brands are used in the work.
Technical supervision is a reliable expertise for complex projects.
Spetsgradstroy performs a full range of engineering surveys for the construction and design of facilities for any purpose on the territory of Central Russia.
We offer:

  • Engineering and geodetic surveys;
  • Engineering and geological surveys;
  • Engineering and environmental surveys;
  • Engineering and hydrometeorological surveys;
  • Engineering and hydrogeological surveys;
Geodetic surveys
Within the framework of geodetic surveys, the company "Spetsgradstroy" provides the following types of services:

  • Obtaining work permits;
  • Creation of a planned high-altitude justification, using satellite GPS/ GLONASS / Galileo receivers;
  • Topographic survey of scales 1:100, 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000 of any complexity and for any purpose (geo-foundations for design, construction, landscaping, landscape design, including under-the-tree shooting), using modern high-precision total stations and digital levelers leading brands;
  • Search and survey of underground utilities using a traceroute kit, georadar;
  • A full range of communications coordination;
  • Release of reporting materials and submission of a technical report to architecture, geonadzor, Mosgorgeotrest, expertise;
  • Executive survey of objects;
  • Creating a geodetic center base;
  • Carrying out in kind the cadastral boundary of the object, lines of urban planning regulation, axes of routes of engineering networks, projects, any elements;
  • Breakdown of axes of projected buildings and structures, communications, any elements;
  • Geodetic support of construction;
  • Monitoring of deformation processes;
  • Shooting facades of buildings and structures;
  • Determination of the volume of structures, soils, displaced earth masses, mine workings;
  • Shooting crane tracks;
  • three-dimensional scanning;
  • Surveying, cadastral and land management works (surveying of land plots, cadastral registration of land, restoration of land boundaries, removal of land boundaries in kind);
  • Digital aerial photography;
  • Consultations;

Environmental surveys

Within the framework of environmental surveys, the company "Spetsgradstroy" provides the following types of services:

  • A comprehensive study of the territory on which the project is located, based on natural and man-made aspects, as well as taking into account the economic application and the social sphere;
  • Assessment of the natural environment, its individual components and the ecosystem in general, drawing conclusions about their ecological state and paying special attention to man-made impacts and the possibility of the natural environment for restoration;
  • Forecasting of potential changes in natural and technical systems during the construction of the facility, as well as during its operation or liquidation;
  • Environmental hazard assessment of the project;
  • Justification of a number of measures and recommendations aimed at improving the environmental situation (prevention of possible undesirable environmental consequences during the implementation of the project, as well as carrying out conservation, restoration and health-improving works);
  • Taking into account the socio-economic, cultural, historical and other values of local residents and developing a set of measures to preserve them;
  • Creation of recommendations and programs for local environmental monitoring, based on the stages of pre-design and project work;
Environmental surveys may include:
  • 1
    Radiation and environmental studies:
    • Assessment of external gamma radiation on the ground and in the building (gamma survey);
    • Assessment of the radon hazard of the territory and building;
    • Testing of the soil for the content of natural radionuclides and for the presence of man-made pollution.
  • 2
    Analysis of the chemical composition of soil and soil:
    • Determination of the content of heavy metals in soil and soil: mercury (Hg), lead (PB), zinc (Zn), cadmium (Cd), copper (Si), arsenic (As), nickel (Ni);
    • Detection of the presence of compounds in samples — oil and petroleum products, 3,4-benz (a) pyrene.
  • 3
    Sanitary-bacteriological and sanitary-parasitological studies of soil and soil conditions. We identify the presence of:
    • Bacteriological and parasitological contamination;
    • Enterococcal index;
    • Pathogenic bacteria (including Salmonella);
    • E. coli group bacteria (BGCP);
    • Bio — and geohelminthoses.
  • 4
    Studies of stray currents:
    • To obtain data that is necessary for the design of electrochemical corrosion protection.
  • 5
    Processing of the received materials:
    • Processing of field and laboratory studies;
    • Formation of a Technical report.
  • 6
    Получение экспертного санитарно-эпидемиологического заключения:
    • Examination of the results of engineering and environmental surveys in the TU bodies.
  • 7
    Gas-geochemical studies:
    • Assessment of the gas-geochemical state of the soil massif;
    • Identification of biogas anomalies and zoning of the territory according to the degree of gas-geochemical hazard of bulk soils;
    • Assessment of the degree of gas-geochemical hazard of bulk soils as sources of biogas;
    • Assessment of the intensity of gas recovery of the soil layer based on the results of measuring the emission of biogas over wells;
    • Studies of vertical gas-geochemical zonality of bulk strata.
    • Evaluation of vibration parameters;
    • Estimation of noise parameters;
    • Assessment of the level and parameters of magnetic and electric fields;
    • Analysis of thermal fields and the level of thermal pollution;
    • Assessment of ionizing radiation from natural and man-made sources.
Hydrometeorological surveys
Within the framework of hydrometeorological surveys, the company "Spetsgradstroy" provides the following types of services:

  • Collection, analysis and generalization of materials of hydrometeorological and cartographic study of the territory;
  • Reconnaissance survey of the survey area;
  • Observations of the characteristics of the hydrological regime of water bodies and climate, as well as occasional work on their study;
  • Study of dangerous hydrometeorological processes and phenomena and hydrological characteristics of the area;
  • Desk processing of materials with determination of calculated hydrological and (or) meteorological characteristics;
  • Preparation of a technical report;

If necessary, a number of additional measures are carried out within the framework of hydrometeorological surveys:

  • Study of microclimatic conditions of the territory;
  • Determination of air pollution dispersion conditions;
  • Analysis of the features of the hydrological regime of waterworks, streams and adjacent river sections;
  • Monitoring the dynamics of coastal zones of rivers and seas;
  • Study of the water balance of lakes, rivers, reservoirs;
  • Analysis of the conditions for the formation of above-ground water runoff;
  • Determination of ice-thermal and hydrophysical conditions of watercourses and open reservoirs;
  • Study of hydrochemical and hydrobiological regimes of water bodies;
  • Analysis of water-erosion processes;
  • Study of the effects of environmentally hazardous objects on the aquatic ecological system;

Hydrogeological surveys

Within the framework of hydrogeological surveys, the company "Spetsgradstroy" provides the following types of services:

  • Study of water resources to solve water supply problems;
  • Justification of the standards of permissible environmental impact (EIA, PDS, permissible withdrawal of groundwater when assessing their operational reserves);
  • Creation of systems for monitoring the state of subsurface, surface and underground water bodies, water management systems;
  • Study and forecasting of technogenic impact on the environment;
  • Information support of environmental management;
  • Solving water management problems of mining enterprises;
  • Consulting services and expert opinions;